Sales Department

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In all these years of operation, "dyas s.a." is constantly and in depth exploring the needs of the modern, competitive, consumer products market.
 Our company makes sure that the commercial policies of its collaborating companies are being carrying out faithfully and methodically, since it’s already being trusted by many well-known Greek business firms, either through representation partnerships or through special partnerships.
 Moreover, having invested significant funds in infrastructures and equipment, as well as human resources, it has managed to create a dynamic and solidly organised sales department which constitutes one of the most neuralgic parts of the company and which adds a competitive advantage in the sector of wholesale trade.
 Our company’s sales department, having a client-oriented philosophy and being solidly staffed by experienced salesmen, has an excellent knowledge of the market in the greater Central Greece area. At the same time, the adoption and implementation of modern sales techniques ensure high standard services for its clients and collaborators.

The sales department consists of two groups of salesmen.

Ordering is executed using order forms printed for every route and providing, through the ERP system, a full update on the statistics that concern each client’s sales.
The orders are being forwarded digitally through portable PCs and are entered automatically in our company’s central IT system.
The continuous training and updating of the department’s staff constitutes a basic company concern and it’s accomplished, on one hand, by participating in specialising training programs, and, on the other hand, by the routine meetings, taking place at least every fortnight, where the sales statistics, by client and supplier, are being analysed and the sales targets are being reviewed and defined.

The client list of "dyas s.a." is made up by different client categories such as retail stores, super markets, mini markets, hotels,  stores selling paper, detergents and household supplies, cosmetics stores, HORECA establishments such as ouzeries, taverns, restaurants, cafes, canteens etc., and, concluding, wholesales stores.